There are many products that have been designed to lighten and brighten the hairstyle. Through the many products that are available, they are created from chemicals that can potentially cause the hair to become dry and damaged. These products are created for the style and can cost upwards of twenty dollars each – but what if there was a way that you could get the same results with something that is already found in your kitchen?

If you are looking for a way to get the highlights that can help to create the bright and healthy hairstyle that you want look no further than vinegar, the common kitchen ingredient. How can you use vinegar to get the hairstyle that you would like the style?

The first step to getting the shine and focus through the natural highlights in the style is to complete the natural washing and drying of the hair using the shampoo. Once the washing has been completed through the use of the shampoo you can use one cup of vinegar that has been undiluted to rinse the style. Once the vinegar has been applied to the hairstyle, you can leave the vinegar in the hairstyle, allowing it to soak into the hairstyle for up to ten minutes.