... hairstyles funky hairstylesAlthough most people prefer hair products other than gel, gel can be an effective way to ensure that you are able to get the look that you desire. Gel is different from other hair products in the way that it causes the hair to become styled and remain in place, while creating a hardened effect through the style of the hair.

Gel can be applied to wet or dry hair, depending on the length of the hair. Some of the most popular styles that are created with the use of gel include the Mohawk or even the faux hawk for men, or curls that are outlined within the hair once the gel has been applied to wet hair. Through these ways of applying gel to the hair, individuals can experience a variety of styles.

What type of gel should you use to create the various hairstyles? There are certain types of holds which are available through the various types of gels. Strong hold gel should be chosen to create hairstyles which are going to require a tight hold, such as Mohawks that are styled high, more than an inch. Medium strength gel should work for other hairstyles that need a little less hold.

There is scrunching gel that is available especially for curly hairstyles. Applying gel to curly hairstyles will enable the appearance of curls that are wet and formed throughout the entire style. Throughout these various curly hairstyles, gel is a popular alternative to drying the hair. It is important to avoid using too much gel in the curly hairstyle, as the curls can appear weighted throughout the hairstyle and therefore cause the hair to hang from the head.