The Easiest Formal Ponytail Hairstyle

If you can easily pull the hair back into a ponytail than you know everything that you need to create a formal hairstyle that can be easily translated into evening events and a formal hairstyle that can be easily used while creating a look that is office-friendly.

As easily as the hair is pulled back into a ponytail, you can put the hair in a simple chignon twist while allowing the hair to cascade down the center of the style.

To create this style, all you need are a few pins. First, take the sections of the hair back into the style and pull the crown center section backwards, securing it with a pin. Depending on whether you are creating a sleek hairstyle or a sexy loose hairstyle, this will determine how tight the hair pins are placed, next, take a couple of pins and secure the side sections back, just as you were pulling the hair into a ponytail.

Finally, take the sections of the hair that are left in the back and secure the hair under itself using two more pins, twisting the hair underneath to create a chignon twist through the style. Now that you have completed the style you can spray the hair with finishing spray.

This is a great style that has many different looks and is just as easy to create as any ponytail in the hair!