halter-dressWhile styling the hair for prom and other formal events, there are certain styles which have been known to match certain types of dresses. This is a popular style for those girls that wish to have the support which is associated with the straps and is therefore a perfect style for those girls that are curvy or busty and are seeking the appropriate support for these types of styles.

Halter prom dresses are those which extend from the straps, but rather than going across the shoulders, the straps are tied or are fastened behind the neck. These types of prom dresses often have jewelling or beading detail through the bodice of the dress which extends into the straps of the dress and therefore hair that is worn down could hide these small details of the dress which are so important in the overall style of the dress.

When styling the hair to match a dress that has a halter top, the majority of styles which can accentuate the dress that has been chosen will be worn up, in an updo or pinned up to allow the dress to shine and the hairstyle that has been created to compliment the style of the dress.

In most cases, depending on the neckline of the girl that has chosen the dress, the halter dress is best accentuated through an updo which can be completed with long or short hair, the use of curls, straight hair and pins. Adding length to the hair with the use of curls that are piled on to the head in an updo is a great way to take advantage of a popular updo style while accentuating the halter style of the dress.