micro-braids-updoMicro braids can be very difficult to remove from the hair while trying to create a formal style and therefore there are many women and girls that take advantage of the braids within a formal or up do style, rather than removing the braids in order to complete the style.

There are a variety of styles which can be created through the use of these micro braids, including styles that can include elaborate updos and weaving of the tiny braids which are woven into the hair. Just because there are micro braids in the hair, does not mean that the braids must stop an updo!

Styling micro braids into an updo can be simple. All of the braids can be woven together, as unbraided hair would be to create an elegant French twist that can be fastened within the back of the head. As an alternative, the braids can be pulled from the face and fastened with elastics and pins, with braids being wrapped around the elastic to create a funky updo that has lots of back interest.

Regardless of the styles that have been created in the hair, it is important to limit the amount of pins which are used to finish the hairstyle as they can break the micro braids which have been created and lead to the hair becoming frizzed through the ends. After the hair has been styled, spraying the hairstyle with a finishing spray that can include a shine protection factor to increase the amount of shine which can be seen in the hairstyle is a great way to end the style and ensure that it remains glamorous all night long.