round-face-diaz.jpgAll the time, people use clothing choices to create a slimming appearance for their bodies – but more and more people are choosing to use hairstyles to create a slimmer appearance through the profile of the face.

Here are some of the techniques that can be used to create a slim appearing face through the profile:

Use bangs that are swept to the side. This can help to reduce the appearance of a round face by creating a dynamic hairstyle. Side bangs can be created with a variety of hairstyle and are a great style that can be used within any color of texture of hair. Learning to style the side bangs, including using a blow dryer to create volume in the hair, pulling the hair to the side as it is being styled.

Avoid large volume hairstyles through the sides and use techniques like layering that can reduce the appearance of the volume through the side of the hairstyle, that can actually cause the face to appear more round. Layering can reduce the appearance of the volume of the hair and allow you to reduce thick hair – which can make it easier to style.

Creating depth within layered hair is a great way to reduce the appearance of a round face. Using various colors and tones within the hair, through highlights, low lights and foils within the hair that can add color are great ways to create interest in the hair. Using these various colors, you can easily find that you are able to reduce the appearance of the round face.