african-american-hairstyles1.jpgMany women are surprised to find out that there are many short weave hairstyles that can be created too, along with the long weave hairstyles that are so popular. The length of the weave of the hairstyle can vary depending on the amount of hair that is used within the style, as well as depending on the style that the woman wishes to achieve.

How should you choose the short weave hairstyle within your hair? There are many techniques and methods that are used to create the weave within the hairstyle. Depending on the hairstyle that you would like to achieve in the hair, the weaving techniques that are used to create the styles within the hair will vary.

You can choose to use synthetic hair, or real hair through the weave. Most often, there only has to be a very short or small amount of natural hair to adhere to when creating the style within the weave of the hair and therefore you can easily find that you are able to create any style that you wish and extend the length of the hair, but also use the weave to create popular designs and styles within the short hairstyle.