diane-kruger-braided-hairstyle ...When we look at Roman history, the one fashion statement that we notice (other than togas) is the Roman hairstyle braids that the women have in their hair. Roman women braided their hair in several different styles; one of the most common styles is to braid one long braid on one side and braid it over the top of one’s head and loop it around the entire head. It shapes a little like a crown.

Another cute roman hairstyle including braids is to have one on each side of the head, hanging down into the rest of the hair. It was very uncommon for women in Rome to ever cut their hair, mostly because hair dressers hadn’t really come about at that point. Braiding was considered an art, and so it was done with everything from hair to accessories to clothing.

One cute hairstyle that was done with braids was that all the hair was braided into one large braid, and wrapped around to create a bun on the top of one’s head. It was done for special occasions including weddings, traditional ceremonies and even funerals.  Another method of braiding was to braid two small braids on each side of the head and meet them in the center of the back. When met there, they were twisted down to the end of the hair. Braiding has obviously become quite stepped up from the old Roman times, and is used for a lot more different styles today that include French braids.