zac_efron2.jpgThe one thing that irritates a teenage boy is having his mother tell him it’s time for a haircut. In the case of popular boy’s haircuts, we must remember a few things. Boys put themselves into separate categories while they are going through their teenage years. Those categories, also known as cliques, are listed as: Jock, Prep, Goth, Punk and unfortunately, the less popular boys.

Jocks tend to have the trendy hair cuts, much like Zac Efron in High School Musical. This look is kind of a shaggy hair style that is the length of about three to four inches long. This is a really popular look that most boys in that category tend to adhere to frequently. Although some of the boys in the Prep category might take this look on as well, they mostly stick with nice, clean shaven appearances.

The Punk boys are the ones into skateboarding and things like that. They generally like to wear their hair longer and some of them go with a puffed up fro. The Goth boys put a lot more creativity into their hair. They do anything from Mohawks to Fauxhawks (a Mohawk with the hair buzzed rather than shaved), and dying their hair anything from black to green.

Because there are so many different types of boys, popular haircuts vary from each one. They are unlike girls, as they tend to be a lot more careless with their hair, and it just kind of works for them any way they do it.