katie-holmes-haircut-pixie.jpgWhen one is deciding whether or not to get the Pixie hairstyle, the best idea is to look at some pixie hairstyle pictures to see if it is really something one wants to get. If one has longer hair, the length of this look may leave a lot to be desired and the client may want to think about it more thoroughly before having it done.

The best place to look for pictures is on celebrities. This year, the pixie cut has become very popular, and so a lot of people have opted to get it done to their hair. A lot of celebrities have gotten this done as well. For Halle Barry and Victoria Beckham, pixie cuts have been sported by them for years. Other celebs that have taken on the look include Katie Holmes, Rihanna, and Meg Ryan.

One should always be really careful when deciding to go with a look like this, as it can be very unflattering to the client if they aren’t shaped exactly right in the face for it. Everyone tends to be shaped a little differently; even some celebrities have attempted the pixie cut but have failed miserably. Michelle Williams for example, wasn’t too long growing her hair back after attempting the cut. Instead of hitting a great style, she missed it completely.

The pixie cut is a cute, simple and easy to achieve style and has taken the world by storm. If one feels the urge to try it, why not? Hair grows back.