hair2-main_Full.jpgMicro braids are a popular hairstyle for summer. They can be easily braided into the hair in a few hours, depending on the style that is chosen and the length of the hair that is seen. Although some braiding styles can cost upwards of several hundred dollars, the styles are often present through the entire summer.

To get inspiration and ideas for some of the styles that are most popular, you may want to consider using galleries of micro braids pictures for inspiration

There are many reasons that you may want to consider choosing micro braids hairstyles for the summer season. Just think about the activities that you spend time doing in the summer, through the swimming in pools, as well as the ocean and the hard to manage and style hair that comes with the increase in humidity through the summer months. Taking advantage of micro braided hairstyles means that you can easily find hairstyles that don’t have to be re-styled while going about your favorite summer activities.

How long can you leave the micro braids in the hair to complete the hairstyle? Although you should avoid leaving the micro braids in the style all the time, through the complete course of the year, you can easily find that you are able to leave the styles in the hair for the eight weeks of summer.

Through the summer, while caring for the braids, you can use leave in conditioner to ensure that the braids and the hair follicles are receiving enough moisture and nutrients through the course of the style. Since micro braids are known to cause drying within the hair, this added moisture can be a way to ensure that you are preserving the hair while allowing for a great option for a summer style.