Mexican hairstyles can be created through the use of traditional styles that can be found in Mexican culture and combined with modern styles with inspiration from the fashion and celebrity world.

Bangs are an important part of Mexican hairstyles and are included in most styles. Many Mexican women find it popular to sweep the bangs to the side, creating a style that can be flattering for many facial shapes and a variety of facial features.

Long hair is also popular in Mexican hairstyles and can be layered or worn as one length. One length Mexican hairstyles can help contribute to the elaborate updos which can be seen in the Mexican world. There are very few Mexican women that choose to have short hair, but medium hairstyles are often seen as traditional Mexican hairstyles.

There are very few Mexican women that choose to color their traditionally dark hair. The coloring methods that are used can damage the hair. This counteracts the belief that Mexican women hold including that the hair should be kept healthy by using natural products and reducing the chemicals in which the hair is exposed to a on a regular basis. Healthy hair is key while creating Mexican hairstyles.