a-main_Full.jpgWhen it comes to choosing hairstyles for weddings, there are a variety of styles that you can choose from. Some of the most popular styles that can be completed for weddings for women with a medium length of hair include styles which are created with curls and waves and then pulled back from the face in the popular half up and half down style. Keeping in mind that most medium hairstyles that are created are often at shoulder length, this provides a style which can be easily created for formal, as well as casual weddings that are attended.

While creating this popular style, you are going to have to create the curls within the hair if you have straight hair. You can do this through the use of large curlers, or even a large barreled curling iron. It is important to keep the curls loose in order to maintain the length of the hair, as using small and tight curls can often cause the hair to appear shorter and therefore immensely change the appearance of the style of the hair.

While styling this hairstyle, you can look for cute accessories that can be worn with the style that match the dress. There are many hair accessories that make use of crystals and other types of embellishments which are perfect for matching with formal gowns with the same elements, or you may choose the simple approach and choose an elegant flower that can be worn in the style or behind the ear.