choppy-medium.jpgOne of the most popular hairstyles lately has been medium choppy hairstyles. These are achieved by cutting your hair to a short to medium or medium length (if you don’t have this length already) and creating a look where the ends stick out in random directions.

A good way to get this look is once your hair is this length, wash it if it hasn’t already been done at a salon. When it is still wet, add mousse, gel or wax, or two out of the three, and shake your head and let it dry on its own. This generally only works for naturally straight hair, so follow some other methods if you find your hair dries curly or wavy.

Another great way to achieve this is to use a flat iron and some wax. Apply wax to your fingertips and run them through your hair. Extra may be needed for the ends, but once this is done put the flat iron through your hair. Make sure you put it straight through with no curve or anything, and it will give you a gorgeous choppy hairstyle.

You can also have your hairstylist cut your hair in a way that it is naturally choppy. This is generally done when hair is cut with scissors pointed up while cutting instead of the usual cross cut. It will thin out the hair just enough at the ends that it will naturally look choppy rather than having to do a bunch of things to it first.