jenniferanistonlong.jpgUsing highlights throughout a layered hairstyle is a way to increase the appearance of the depth of the layers. Through the options that are available when it comes to highlighting the hair, you can easily find that you are able to use multiple colors within the style, or even multiple tones within the same color in the hairstyle to create the appearance of a stylish and trendy haircut, but also to increase the amount of volume that can be seen within the hairstyle.

What should you use to determine which color of highlights that you should use in the hairstyle? Most stylists recommend staying within two to three shades of the current tone or color of the hair. This way, you can ensure that you are able to retain a natural look within the hair. For those that would prefer to create a high level of contrast within the hairstyle, you can easily choose colors and tones outside of this range, as this is just a recommendation from stylists.

What are some of the popular colors that are seen through highlighting trends at the moment? Some of the most popular trends that can be seen when it comes to high lighting the hair are those that include the use of red highlights. Bold red highlights are one of the most popular looks that can be seen through the upcoming season and you can easily find that you are able to create striking looks through the use of red in the hair.