192e6_y1pNoAxqgJY2yUimXAEIHP4 ...A lot of the Japanese haircut styles we see nowadays are not unlike most of the styles we see. Most of the Japanese girls we see have similar bob cuts, pixie cuts, long hair with loose curl styles, and more of the hairstyles seen on most women.

Traditionally, Japanese women have very long hair that is pulled up into a bun near the tops of their heads, and held in place with clips that include real flowers and other traditional head dress. It used to be forbidden for women to set foot outside her bedroom with her hair worn down.

Now, even in Japan, the girls have adapted to the North American looks. It’s mostly because the celebrities that everyone in the world sees wear these styles, and because everyone idolizes the same ones, it’s only natural that we all follow the same trends. It seems like the only Japanese people that still go by the old rules and old hairstyles are the Japanese elders.

Japanese men seem to have always maintained a shaggy haired look. The only difference they seem to have added through the years is a splash of color. Naturally, Japanese men have dark brown to black hair and some decide to bleach blonde. It’s nice to add a streak or two of red in that color of hair, which is also what some seem to be doing.

Japanese haircuts really do not differ much from the average hairstyles we see around us, not like they used to anyway.