iswak2-05.jpgThere are many ways that you can create a variety of hairstyles in the hair. One of the best ways to create hairstyles in the hair that are spiked is to find the right product. Since there are a variety of hair styling products that can be used to create the style in the hair, you may have to try two or three products before you find the one that works best with your type of hair, as well as the one that works best with the style that you wish to create and the type of spikes that you wish to see in the hair.

First, after washing the hair, you should always dry the hair. Although you can get sharp spikes from styling wet hair with gel, these hairstyles often look unnatural and are not trendy while creating the styles in your hair. Drying the hair can ensure that you get the best results while you are creating the styles in the hair.

Once the hair has been dried, you should apply the product that is going to be used in the hair to create the spikes to the hair. You can first apply this product to the fingers, ensuring that you are not using too much of the product and then apply it to the top of the style, where you are going to create the style that comes with the spikes in the hair.