choppy-hairstyleschoppy-hairtsylesChoppy hairstyles combine rough layering techniques to achieve the look which is common in short and medium length hairstyles. These layering techniques are the signature way to create these short choppy hairstyles which can be seen on celebrities like Lisa Rinna. Are you seeking something different, fun and versatile that can be used to create a variety of styles? If so, than perhaps you should schedule a visit to the stylist and take on one of these choppy hairstyles that are so popular.

While styling the choppy hairstyle, it is important to use a straightener and straighten each layer of the hair separately to ensure that you are adhering to the choppiness of the haircut. Pin up the top layers of the hair while straightening the bottom layers and use finishing cream or pomade which can be used to separate the choppy layers.

The bangs are often part of the choppy hairstyle and can be worn shorter than traditional hairstyles. Bangs can be included within the hairstyle and can be styled with the use of pomade. The bangs can be worn to the side to create a modern twist to the choppy hairstyles that are so popular. Choppy hairstyles are a fantastic way to bring in the summer months!