pixie-haircut2.jpgCelebrities have been using pixie cuts for years that look amazing on them, but they aren’t the only ones who are able to achieve this look. Here is a quick lesson in how to style a pixie cut: depending on the length of your hair, you may need a hair cut. The best length for this hairstyle is short to medium length, are hair that falls just to the end of your ears (maybe an inch longer).

To style, you will need a flat iron, hair wax and some hairspray. First thing you should do is plug in your flat iron to begin to heat up. Take a dab of the wax and rub it together on your hands. Comb it through your hair with your fingers, paying close attention to put a little extra on the ends of your hair.

Next, your flat iron should be heated enough to begin to straighten your hair. When you bring the flat iron down to the ends of your hair, flip the top layers outward and the bottom layers downward. You may need to reapply some more wax, but continue to go sparingly as you don’t want it to look like you used a lot.

Once you have completely straightened and wisped out the hair, you may want to add some hairspray to hold it in place. This isn’t a hundred percent necessary but it does help if you plan to go out on a windy day. There you have it, one of the cutest ways to style a pixie cut!