how-to-straighten-short-pixie-haircuts.jpgWhen it comes to creating a short hairstyle you need two things, a flat iron and straightening serum that can help to retain the look of the sleek style that comes from a professional job of using a flat iron in the hair. With the use of these two things, as well as the proper know how to create a hairstyle that works for you, it can be simple to straighten the pixie hair cut style and ensure that you are able to get the look that you want when it comes to your hair.

The first step of straightening the pixie hairstyle is to ensure that you have spent the time to blow dry the hairstyle. Blowing dry the hairstyle can be the best way to begin, as it can allow the hair to be easily straightened. Through this process, you should start with the bottom short layers and blow towards the top.

After the hair has been dried, you can plug in the straightening iron and ensure that it has heated before using. Section the hair from bottom to top, as the bottom layers are going to be straightened first to ensure that a uniform look is created through the entire base of the style. Once the lower layers have been straightened you will work the way up, to the top layer finally, straightening one inch sections through the hair from the bottom layer to the top.

Smooth any ends that are unruly with the flat iron to get a uniform look through the entire style and you can easily find that you are able to get the style that suits you best.