match-the-hair-to-the-dressMatching your hair to a formal dress can seem overwhelming, as there are a variety of types of formal dresses. Although there are two main categories in which hair styles fall, as the hair can be worn up or worn down –

Think about the style of the dress that is being worn to the prom. The style of the neckline is extremely important while wearing a formal dress, as it can dictate the type of hairstyle that is created. With several necklines which are available in a variety of dresses, be sure that the hair makes the most of the dress.

When should you wear the hair up while dressing for a formal event? The hair should be worn up when there are high levels of detailing through the upper bodice of the dress that you wish to draw attention to. Dresses that are designed with the use of halter straps and other straps that have a high level of detail should be showcased and wearing the hair that is off of the neck where the straps may lie is an effective way to showcase the dress that is being worn.

When should you wear the hair down while dressing for a formal event? Most often, when wearing a strapless dress where the detail in the hairstyle can be seen, a hairstyle that is worn down is a great way to encompass style.

Whether you choose to wear the hair down, or wear the hair up take into account the style of the dress before creating your hairstyle. You can make sure that is looks great while shopping and trying on the dress that is to be worn to the formal event take into consideration the hair up, as well as the hair down. Bring pins which can be used to create quick hairstyles to try a variety of styles.