Kris-Allen+cool+hairstyle+for+ ...Boys are the luckiest people in the world when it comes to hair. As long as it doesn’t look greasy, they can do anything with their hair and it looks good. They don’t seem to have bad hair days. Let’s look at how to do cool easy hairstyles for boys.

It used to be that boys all had the same hairstyle. Cut short and kept tidy. In which case, that hair is a style all its own. No need to do anything to it and it looks cool. Then came boys with long hair who didn’t bother to condition or really wash their hair at all. At the time it was cool, to other boys anyway, and they created dreadlocks from not washing their hair.

This day and age, there is the shaggy hair look compliments of movie star Zac Efron. This is cool, attractive, and looks really cool on boys. To achieve this look, there are hair products that should be used. You need to brush your hair, no doubt about that, and apply either mouse or gel (whichever you prefer). After you apply a small little dab throughout your hair, mess it up just a bit.

Another look that works for some guys is to spike your hair up. This is used with a firm gel to hold it in place, comb your hair upwards until it becomes spiked up. Being as how boys don’t really work so hard on their hair, pretty much everything they do looks great!