keira-knightley-short-hair- ...Those with short hair know how hard it is to add texture into the short styles which can appear to sit on the head, without volume. There are times when short hair appears lifeless and without style, but with a little product and the right cutting techniques there are a variety of ways that texture can be implemented into a short hairstyle to make the hairstyle trendy, up to date and modern.

One of the most common ways that texture can be added to short hair is through the methods that are used while creating the style. There are certain cutting techniques, as well as certain tools that are used to cut the hairstyle that can add instant texture into the style. Through the use of shears which are able to reduce the length of the hair in various places, through creating a jagged cut, there can be texture created through the bottom of the hairstyle. Other techniques which are used to create texture in short hair include the use of the razor, which can be used to thin the hair, but create texture once product has been applied into the style.

Products are another way that texture can be easily added to a hairstyle. Through the use of texture within the hairstyle, individuals are able to create funky and modern hairstyles. Once various layers are cut through the hair, an individual can make use of pomade and other styling ingredients to spike the styles within the hair and add volume to each layer within the hair and even pull the hair in various directions. Pomade and styling glue are some of the most effective ways to texturize a hairstyle from the moment that the product is applied to the hair.