Micro-Braids-HairstylesWith braids and weaves becoming more and more popular, more and more women are wondering the cost of the various weaving and braiding techniques within the hairstyle. Comparing the costs between stylists and the experience between the stylists can be an effective way to find the best price and to get the style that you want.

Aside from the experience and checking out the portfolio of the stylist, it is important to consider the costs of the hairstyle. Micro braids hairstyles are some of the most expensive because of the intensive time and effort that goes into creating the styles in the hair. Depending on the length of the hair the micro braided hairstyles can take hours to complete. Longer hairstyles can take several hours and even the better part of the day to style in the hair because of the intricate nature of the hairstyle. Shorter hairstyles where braids are being completed may not take as long, like braided hairstyles that are created for men, but these hairstyles can still be costly because of the intricate work that is being completed in the hairstyle.

It is not uncommon for the hair stylist to charge upwards of several hundred dollars to style the micro braids in the hair. Not all stylists are equipped with the skills to create the braids in the hairstyle and therefore the demand is often high for these types of woven looks in the style. This, combined with the fact that these hairstyles can take up to several hours to complete for long hair mean that you can easily be looking at several hundred dollars when it comes to the style of the hair that is being created with the micro braids hairstyles.