Cristiano Ronaldo Razored ... Did you know that men, as well as women have hairstyles which are best suited to their facial shape and type? Most men are not aware of this and simply stick with the same styles that they have had since they first made the decision about their hairstyle and therefore are choosing to have unflattering styles within their hair, when a simple consultation with a stylist can stop all of this!

There are certain styles which have been created for men with chubby faces. Most men with chubby faces often find that they are able to identify with round or heart shaped faces and therefore choosing styles which are able to increase the lean appearance of the face is important. This can be done with hair that is short enough to remain linear in appearance, without using long hair, with layers and other styles that are popular with men to frame the appearance of the face. Framing the face with long hair and layers should be avoided – rather, men with chubby faces should keep their hair clean cut in order to retain a youthful appearance.

What styles are most popular for men with chubby faces? Some of the most popular looks for men with chubby faces are those which can retain the volume in the hair, while using linear styles that are cut close to the head through the sizes, with volume through the top of the style that is used to balance the hiarsytle. Some popular looks include the faux hawk as one of the trendier styles that is popular through this season, to ensure that you remain clean cut but have a fun hairstyle.