hair-band.jpgThere are certain trends that can be seen through hair accessories this upcoming spring. Through these trends, you can ensure that you are able to keep up with trends and remain in style through all of your accessory choices.

Here are some of the popular trends that can be taken advantage of through the spring season:

Large bows that are attached to headbands are perhaps some of the most popular trends. Through these trends you can see colors like black and various textures and fabrics of bows that are being used. As large as six inches across the headband, there are many styles that are popular. These large bows are most popular when they are attached to skinny headbands and can be easily paired with skinny or wide headbands that can be worn.

Hairband trends are even being seen through casual attire with double strand headbands being one of the most popular athletic looks, as well as weekend looks. Paired with a loose updo or even a ponytail you can create a glam appearance no matter how casual the hairstyle.

Other current trends that are going to be seen continuing through the spring season include headbands that include elements of texture within the style, including feathers, bows and tulle that are used to create hair accessories. Through these hair accessories and the combination of textures within the hairstyle you are easily able to create a unique appearing hairdo.