haircuts-for-round-faces.jpgRound faces can be some of the hardest to style, as those with round faces are always seeking haircuts that can minimize the appearance of the roundness of the face. Hairstyles for round faces can offset the shape of the face, reducing the round appearance effectively.

How do you determine your facial shape? Although a round face can be easy to determine, there are other facial shapes, such as a heart or an oval shaped face which can mimic the shape of the round face. There are various styles which are flattering for different facial shapes and therefore first learning which facial type is evident, can help to determine the haircut which can be created for that individual.

What types of haircuts should be created for those with a round face? Angular haircuts or those with blunt edges through the bottom of the style and blunt bangs are best for round facial shapes. These types of cuts can offset the round nature of the face by providing balance with the square hairstyle. Throughout the creation of these types of haircuts, the individual can make use of sharp layers, bottom heavy haircuts and even bangs which have been cut squarely to offset the original facial shape.

When meeting with a stylist to determine the right style for you, there are a variety of factors which should be taken into account. Style for round facial shapes should include angular cuts and the bangs should be bluntly edged across the face to create a contrast with the facial shape. By no means should hair remain softly layered through the face, as this can contribute to the facial shape appearing more rounded.