diane-kruger-braided-hairstyle ...One of the most popular hairstyles that can be seen through the stars, as well as women seeking a simple but elegant hairstyle for a daytime even, even a do-it-yourself wedding hairstyle is hair with waves, or straightened hair with a braid through the front of the hair.

The first step to creating this hairstyle is to decide whether the hairstyle is going to be worn straight, or whether the hairstyle is going to be created with waves throughout the entire style. Through the hairstyle, you can easily create the appearance of waves with a large barreled curling iron and loosely creating curls within the hair. To create the straight hairstyles make use of anti-frizz serum and allow the hair to dry and straighten the hair with a flat iron.

The detail within this hairstyle can be seen through the front. To create the braided detail, take two to three inches of hair from one side, pulling it over towards the other side, across the forehead. Next, take an inch of hair from the side that the hair was pulled towards and use this hair to create a braid. While braiding the hair, pull the hair towards the back, on the side in which the hair is being pulled to – through the crown. Pulling the hair back while completing the braid can help to create a polished appearance of the braid, as pulling the hair down while braiding than pulling back can leave a gap within the hair.

After the braid has been completed, secure the braid, under the layer of hair that has been straightened, just over the ear. This will hide the pin and create a fun style that is also elegant.