Do you find yourself constantly tempted to wear your hair in a ponytail hairstyle? Not only can this get boring after a while but many people find that when they are constantly wearing their hair in a ponytail the hair can become stressed and can therefore get pulled from the head. Although it is completely natural to lose some amount of hair through the day and through the week, there is no reason to cause the hair to become even weaker through the roots as the ponytail pulls at the roots.

Although you may not think that there are many other options that are available when it comes to your hair without spending more time on the hair – there are! Learning methods that can be used to straighten the hair in a flash or even learning methods that can be used to pull the hair into a simple and loose updo can give the style the bounce that is needed and the break from being pulled back into a tight ponytail.

Do you work in a job where the hair must be pulled back from the face? Changing the way that the ponytail is worn can help to protect the hair. This includes making use of the ponytail through different areas of the head, wearing the ponytail low and high and even making use of the styles that can be created with a twist, or using a headband to pull the hair back from the face. This can ensure that there is not repeated stress being placed through one section of the hair and that the hair can remain in the best possible shape.