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Blonde hair is one of the most popular varieties for the summer months. There are many people that have a variety of hair colors that wish to make the switch to a lighter hair color for the summer months. People with brown, red and even light ash hair often make use of highlights that can be used to lighten the hair through the summer months and create the blonde hairstyles that are so popular through the summer season.

Blonde can be a difficult color to achieve, especially with dark hair. Styling hairstyles can be an effective way to lighten the appearance of the hair by increasing the lightness of the hair through the use of highlights, foils and dyes that can be applied to the hair in various patterns.

Taking advantage of casual updos can be a great way to make use of blonde hairstyles. Updos can help to place emphasis on the light hair that has been created and can be used to highlight certain portions of the hair, such as the top of the hair or certain strands within the hair. Using pins and finishing spray, you can help to create emphasis on these sections of the hair and increase the highlighted appearance.