Lee_Jae_Jin_01.jpgThere are hairstyles that have been created to flatter a variety of facial types and a variety of facial shapes. Through the hairstyle and facial shape matching process, round faces can be the most difficult to match with a hairstyle that is going to flatter not only the facial shape, but the features.

What types of hairstyles and hair cuts are most appropriate for Asian round facial shapes? The types of hairstyles that are best for Asian round facial shapes are those that are cut with layers throughout the style, framing the face. Although this is often not recommended for round facial shapes, Asian hair tends to require a longer cut, as the longer hairstyle can allow the hair to grow out, rather than up, which tends to occur when Asian short hairstyles are created.

Wearing the hair longer, to frame the face, with soft layers that are cut jagged through the hairstyle can add some dimension into the haircut that is created. Through this dimension, individuals are easily able to create texture in the hair with the use of various styling products. Some popular styling products that are used to create texture in the hair are wax as well as pomade, as they allow the hair to move while the style is being created, as opposed to other styling aids, like hairspray which do not allow for a flexible style to be created, rather a rigid hairstyle.