Flat Top HaircutMany people consider flat top haircut as an enhanced version of the crew cut. You can see these haircuts being sported by the men and boys along with tshe military and law enforcement professionals in USA and mainland China. It is also a popular version of the short haircuts for men that require comparatively lesser amount of maintenance. However, you have to get haircuts at regular intervals as the very short hair grows out of its precisely-cut shape in a rapid manner. Some people even visit their barbers with a gap of one or few weeks to maintain their stylish look.

Most of the barbers use electronic clippers to make a flat top haircut. The instrument is used to cut the hair at the side, back and near the scalp. It is also a common practice to blow dry the top hair by keeping the length at one inch to make these stand up straight. The barbers also use scissors to cut the front hair to the desired length and form.

Some professional barbers further accomplish the desired look by cutting the hair on top of the head to appear like a board. The board shape is further highlighted with the sides being cut to appear very short and almost bald. The horseshoe flat top haircut is another popular version of this hairstyle. When you select the upgraded variation, the front of the hair is cut in a U shaped manner to create the illusion of a horseshoe.

Flat Top HaircutFlat Top HaircutFlat Top HaircutFlat Top Haircut